Who even am I?

Well it all started in a lonely little town not too far from here – I kid, it's miles away – in the lower South Island of New Zealand. I grew up a country lad but never quite found my place amongst the tussocks and sheep shit. Fast forward 10 years, a Diploma in Rural Business, a Bachelor of Communications, a rather boring coming out story, and here we are today.

My full name is Codee Barry Keith MacDonald and I was born in the Autumn of 1991 in Dunedin, New Zealand. During the search to find my purpose in life (whatever that means) I basically gave everything a go. Sheep shearing, bar work, honey making and horse riding  - A mixing pot that created the confused, weird, mess that I am today.

Currently employed at Colenso BBDO as a junior art director, my focus lies within advertising. In saying this, i'm currently trying to get them to change my job title to Art Director/Photographer/Mac op/Designer/Food StylistVideo editor/Animator/Barista/Content creator but apparently that wont fit on my email signature. needless to say, Colenso throws things at me and i try my dangdest to get it done. 

Anyway, I guess I'll do the usual 'I hope you enjoy my site and what i have to offer' bullshit and leave you to it!